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Elegant Dry Cleaners

  Season to Season

 Now is a great time to stay ahead  of the game with your winter  clothes. Get them ready for wear,  clean the summer clothes now  before packing.  

 Storing soiled clothes previously  worn from season to season, can  cause permanent damage, stains,  moth holes, discoloration don't risk  it.

 We are here to help with all your  dry cleaning service request, it is  our pleasure with assisting you.

 Reliable, Experience, Quality  Service serving the Detroit Metro  area since 1995.
             (3rd) Generation
  KNOWLEDGEABLE                                      Past,Present & Future-                             Styles of Fashion 
           Quality Satisfaction
Accepting Major Credit Cards, Cash

  Where: 17308 Grand River​ Avenue
            Detroit, MI  48227
     (3 blocks East of Southfield Expressway)

  When:  Wednesday, Thursday,                                   Friday 
              10:30 am until 7:00 pm
       Saturday 10:30 am until 6 pm
 Closed Sunday & Monday & Tuesday

Exceptional Customer Service
 * On time completion  
 * Convenient location and business
 * Helpful knowledgeable attentive       staff, consultant available daily
 * Experience professional 
   quality service
  ​* Several daily discount specials
   Any occassion we have you covered