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Elegant Dry Cleaners
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About Us

   We are a 3rd generation, family owned and operated business right          here in Detroit since 1995. Other dry cleaners may offer similar                service, "our reputation is a fact we are the best".  We take the time
   to provide the very best cleaning which is fresh, soft to the texture,        completed on time, at a great price. We provide same day service upon    availability, offering EXPRESS service for pickup & drop off.

   We are very appreciative for the opportunity to meet, greet, and serve    our customers.  We take pride in our professional reputation in the          community, it is a true blessing thank you.
      Complete list of Services:  Dry cleaning, Laundry (light,           medium, heavy starch), Alterations (repairs), Leather, Suede,     Restoration of Fire (smoke), Water damaged service.  Wedding   gowns (preservation), Designer delicate knits and Couture  apparel.

      Discounts: We offer several daily discount specials, group        discounts, senior & student discount specials.   

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We are committed to helping our customers always look their very best each and every time.

   Important tip:   
                        Make the best out of your next dry cleaners visit

    * Identify problem areas, explain any concerns, ask any questions, allow           enough time for your service request to be met.

    * Rush cleaning = rush results

    * Time is of the essence when it comes to certain stains, instead of trying          to get it out yourself allow a professional to do the job.

    * When you shop new, e-commerce, thrift or resale always get it cleaned           first before you wear it. You would rather be safe than sorry, it's a safety